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Customers who have ordered from us over the past 10 years know the reason, but if you are new to the CP Jungle, allow us to spell out what we feel sets us apart:

All nurseries claim to sell quality plants.  But not all nursery have a reputation for selling quality plants. We stand by the testimonials of customers who have ordered from us. There's a reason why 85% of our orders are from repeat customers.

Large Variety Of Plants And Sizes
Because the CP Jungle propagates plants as well as imports from overseas, we can offer more Nepenthes species, hybrids, color forms, and sizes than you will find anywhere else.

Plants Are Sold By Actual Sizes
One nurseries "large" plant may be another nurseries "small".  These kind of size descriptions are not helpful or truly descriptive.  The CP Jungle sells plants based upon actual sizes and size ranges.  Also, dont be fooled by nurseries who sell by the "pot size".  A 5" pot could contain a 2" plant.   With our sizing charts, you have a much better idea the size of plant you are ordering.

Low Prices
Because we purchase plants in volume, and propagate a large number of plants in-house, our prices are often the lowest that can be found anywhere.  And this applies to every plant in our catalog, not just a special "one-time" deal.   We have been told by some overseas distributors that the CP Jungle imports more Nepenthes than all other North American distributors combined. 

As far as pricing is concerned, here's a comparison of an order based upon a well-known competitor and the CP Jungle:


 Plant  Competitor Price  CP Jungle Price
 Nepenthes lowii x spectabilis        $99.99     $49.99
 Nepenthes alata - Exotica Plants clone (t)        $69.99     $59.99
 Nepenthes (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana        $59.99     $49.99
 SubTotal      $229.97   $159.97
 Shipping        $36.00     $14.42  (includes signature confirmation AND insurance)
T O T A L      $285.97   $174.39

This example is a very random selection of plants, we could easily cherry pick some plants that would overly inflate the difference in our favor, but simply picked a few of our high volume movers.   Not only is there a $70 difference in the exact same plants, but it costs the other vendor  $22 more to ship the plants. In this random selection, a custom would save over $90 buy purchasing the plants from the CP Jungle.  This is an example of our purchasing power, and how we pass the savings onto you.  It's also an example of how our shipping costs are low.  The competitor could have charged $5 less per plant than we do, and yet you would still pay more in the end when shipping charges are added.  Also, some competitors state that they reserve the right to charge you more for shipping after they pack your order. 

The CP Jungle calculates shipping charges based upon the actual amount the USPS rate schedule says it will cost to ship the order.  We do not charge a "handling fee."   The CP Jungle was the leader in reforming the way shipping is calculated on carnivorous plant orders. 

Be wary of nurseries that appear to sell plants for less than the CP Jungle. Specifically, get ready for "sticker shock" when you see the amount they charge you for shipping. Some nurseries do not tell you their shipping price policy ahead of time.

Some nurseries may be selling plants for for less than we are, but these plants can be a "fire sale" of plants that are declining in their care.  If a vendor can only keep plants for a few months in their care before the health of the plants decline, then they sell stock for a high price initially, then sell the others off at a low price to get rid of them before they die.  We at the CP Jungle can grow every plant we sell well,  and every plant you buy has information as far as when we received the plant in.  You can view this info in order order history.  Remember, a plant is not a bargain at any price if it is not healthy.

Fast Shipping
If you pay for an order with the CP Jungle in which all plants are immediately available, then your order leaves our doors on the next shipping day. If we receive the order early enough, they even ship out the same day. And your order is packed the same day your order is shipped out so that the plants spend the minimal amount of time inside the box.

Beware Of Nepenthes Sold Potted
Only the very smallest, micro sized Nepenthes can be shipped potted with minimal damage during shipping. There is no way to safely ship a Nepenthes larger than a few inches in diameter in a pot of soil.  Most nurseries that ship potted plants are shipping very small plants in 2.5" to 3.5" sized pots.  The smallest pot container in use at the CP Jungle is 4.5" x 6" deep. This is because even the smallest of Nepenthes grown at the CP Jungle will quickly outgrow a 3.5" or smaller container.

When shipping Nepenthes potted, it becomes very easy for growth tips to get snapped.  Even worse, the lower part of the vine receives a tremendous amount of vibration stress when the root system is secured in a pot of soil. Instead of shipping vibrations being spread evenly and lightly across the entire plant vine, the stresses are focused on a very critical area of the vine that is just above the soil level.  Cell damage that occurs here from this stress may not be visible,  but can set the plant back considerably. Also, the entire plant vine and leaves can get bruised from the force of vibrations that are amplified by the weight of the pot and soil.

And then there is the issue of soil pests. Just because a nursery passes inspection does not mean it is free of pests. If a nursery tells you that they have no pests, they are either lying through their teeth or they are clueless about plant pests (and possibly being overrun by them).  Soil is where most pests hide out, and just because a nursery passes inspection should not make you feel good about receiving soil of any kind from them.  Individual states are beginning to closely regulate soil transportation across state lines for this very reason, and it soon may be illegal to ship any plant potted across state lines.

A Nepenthes plant should not be shipped by any nursery without un-potting the plant and inspecting the underground stem and root system.  If this stem area is soft, then the plant is likely undergoing a fungal attack and will decline in health over the next few weeks. The above ground part of the plant can appear perfect, but a few weeks after you receive the plant, it will suddenly die from the ground up.  The nursery has to un-pot the plant to properly inspect it.  With this being the case, you would lose any benefit of shipping potted, since someone has to un-pot the plant right before shipping to inspect the plant anyway. Of course, some nurseries may leave the plant in its tiny little pot and not inspect it, and leave any problems occurring with the underground vine and root system for you to deal with.   A plant needs to be inspected from top to bottom.  Just because the root system is out of sight below the soil level should not mean it is out of mind.

Shipping Boxes
You may think the type of shipping boxes a nursery uses is trivial.  As unbelievable as it sounds, some nurseries use old boxes they retrieve from dumpsters. These are usually flimsy boxes, with crush ratings of less thn 50 pounds,  that are ill equipped to handle the brutality of shipping.

The CP Jungle uses USPS shipping boxes for smaller sized orders, and these orders are almost always double boxed for maximum protection.  We also use white U-line heavy duty boxes for larger orders.  These boxes are expensive, but worth it. They protect the plants from heat build up if they are left in the sun.  A standard brown box can absorb a tremendous amount of heat in the sun, baking the plants in the process. Our white boxes offer protection from heat, and are heavy duty to protect them from being crushed. The only time we use brown boxes is if a certain box size in not available in white.

I have grown more than 100 species of Nepenthes for 3 decades.  We have a setup that allows us to grow Nepenthes into large plants, while also making them hard plants that transplant well. You can see the current growing conditions in our growing chambers at  CP Jungle Live

I hope this introduction to our nursery gives our new customers who have yet to order from us some insight into our operations, and why a vast majority of our sales come from repeat customers.


Michael Catalani

The CP Jungle