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Pictures From The Field - March 2001

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Sarracenia flava "typical" with flower. The balck speck on the flower
is a fly.

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Sarracenia flava "typical". When fully open, the hood of S. flava will
wrap back around so that the back edges of the hood overlap each other,
causing the hod to form a funnel of its own.

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Pinguicula lutea with flowers and Drosera tracyi. Although you can easily
spot a few pings in this picture, you will normally not easily find them in
the field unless they are in flower.

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Sarracenia rosea in flower. Some of this area had undergone
a burn in January, 2001, which is why many of the rosea pitchers
are dead. The plants themselves are in great shape, and were flowering

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Sarracenia minor with emerging flower buds.

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Dionaea with energing flower stalk and Drosera capillaris.

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Pinguicula planifolia growing under water with flowers above water. A very
difficult plant to spot unless you know where to look, or unless the plant
is in flower. The picture below shows P.planifolia plants circled in red,
and a flower circled in green.

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