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I have finally begun to post pictures from my nursery. I'll keep this section updated fairly frequently. You can find many additional pictures located in each of the species section.

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Cephalotus follicularis with 4" pitchers growing in a 14" pot.

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Large D. Adelae

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Heliamphora Nutans

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10" Nepenthes Petiolata pitcher

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The beautifully colored N. rafflesiana "singapore giant"

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N. reinwardtiana pitcher. Notice one of the two "eye" spots
on the side of the interior of the pitcher. These "eye" spots
are a distinquishing feature of this species.

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An 8" N. truncata pitcher. Although this pitcher may seem big, 
N. truncata can produce pitchers more than twice this size.
Due to the truncated leaves, the pitcher can be much taller
width of the plant, which produces a very compact growth

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A view inside one of the lowland growth chambers at the CP
Jungle. These are size 3 plants. Closest to the front are 6"-7"
N. merrilliana. Next are 5" diameter truncatas sporting 4"-6"
pitchers. Toward the back are 1 foot diameter N. bicalcarata
and N. rafflesiana "typical. There are also a few scrambling
N. gracilis.

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N. sanguinea "spotted" 5" plants. The leaves are green, and
the pitchers are yellow/green and  develop beautiful
purple/red spots.