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Sorry, we can not export outside the US at this point.


  Click Here To Play The Video On Setting Up A CP Jungle Account

In order to reserve plants on the system, you will need to create an account.  You can do this by clicking the tab at the top of the screen. If you have any problems setting up your account, email me at  mcatalani@aol.com

If you need to make changes to your account, then log in and click the link.

Once you have your account setup, you will receive a confirmation email.  This email will contain a link for you to click or copy into your browser. After you do this, you will be able to reserve plants by adding them to your shopping cart as long as you have a valid US address. This confirmation should reach your mailbox within 30 seconds of submitting your new account.  If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, then check your spam folder to make sure our email isn't in there. If it's not, then email me at mcatalani@aol.com and I will manually verify your email address.

There are two different types of time associated with how long a customer can keep items in their cart before checking out. One is called "cart time" and the other is "preorder time". 

Cart time is used for calculating how long items we currently have no hand can remain in your cart. New users who have not ordered from us will be able to reserve plants in their cart for 72 hours. If you do not checkout within the 72 hours, then the items will automatically be removed from your cart and made available to everyone else.   If you are a new user and need more time, simply email me.  Once you have placed an order with us, you will automatically receive an extension to this time, and will be able to reserve plants for up to 2 weeks before checking out.    You can always checkout and ask to hold the shipment in order to add more plants.  If you do not checkout before your cart time expires, the system will automatically remove the plants from your cart and they will be available for others to reserve. Please note that I do not do this personally, but that the system does it automatically.

Preorder Time is how long sniped or preorder items can remain in your cart.   Preorder time is usually less than your cart time.  Preorder plants are plants which are arriving on an import, and arent here at the nursery yet.  What we like to do is to make sure that customers act quickly upon these plants and not hold them in their cart for so long of a period that the plants arrive before a customer performs a checkout.  If the customer decides against purchasing a plant after the import arrives, another customer who also had plants arriving on the import may want it. The problem for them is that they will have to pay another shipping charge for the one plant since their order would have already shipped out when the import arrived. So this shorter cart time cuts down on customers having to pay for additional shipping charges for plants they could have had shipped in their original order, because someone else failed to checkout before the import arrived.

The amount of Cart Time and Preorder Time you have can be seen by logging in and clicking on the shopping cart tab.  The top of the screen will list the cart time and preorder time.

You will first be presented with the main catalog page, which contains different categories. Click on the picture of the category you would like to look at. You may see sub-categories that you can click on, and you will eventually see the individual plants. You can click on the plant thumbnails to check availability and order a specific plant.

You should use the button located in the top right of every page, instead of using your web browser's back button. This is especially important if you are logged on. The site's security uses an access code for your account, and this access code changes often. If you use your web browsers back button, it may use an old and expired access code, which will cause the system to force you to sign on again.

If an item is available, it will have a  button in which you can add the plant to your cart. If you would like to order more than one item, then use the button in the shopping cart.

If you do not want an item that you have added to your cart, please use the  button in the shopping cart.  This frees the item up and makes it available to others. The system will automatically remove items that have remained in your cart for longer than the amount of time your account is allowed to reserve a plant without checking out, however, we ask that you remove any plant from your cart immediately if you do not want it. If the system detects someone abusing the reservation system by placing an outrageous number of plants in the shopping cart, or continuously reserving plants and never checking out, then the system will reduce the amount of reserve time, or remove it altogether from the account.

Inventory availability is constantly changing based upon when we release plants for sale, and customers reserving plants. A plant that shows unavailable now might be available in a few minutes.  Also, just because it shows we have 10 plants available doesn't mean that they wont be all spoken for in 10 minutes.

Some plants are not currently in stock, but will be arriving from a vendor at a scheduled time. We make some of these plants available for PREORDERING. Pre-order plants will  have a "Projected Arrival" date listed next to the "PREORDER" button. 

Orders that contain preorder items will not ship until the preorder items arrive. If you would like to have the available items shipped immediately, then email me after you checkout and let me know. The system will create two orders. Shipping charges will apply to both orders.

A quick note about the projected available date for pre-orders:  This is a projected date that is subject to change.  Many factors, which are well beyond our control, will ultimately determine the date of arrival of the pre-order plants.  Pre-order plants are almost always imported from overseas, and there are tasks that must be performed by the countries of origin in order to get our import processed. We try to update the projected arrival date to be as accurate as possible, but many factors beyond our control will affect this date.

Have you ever seen a picture of a plant and wanted to buy that specific plant. Well, we are making some plants available that way. If we have individual plants of a specific type for sale, then you will see a section called "INDIVIDUAL STOCK PLANTS" immediately beneath the general sale section for that plant type. Pictures of these plants are usually posted. When you add these plants to your cart, you are reserving the specific plant you see. (Keep in mind the dates of some of the photos.)  We will ship you the plant you purchased.

Some items, such as bales of long fiber sphagnum moss, must ship separately. We will ship bulk supply items via a method which is least expensive. Plants are always sent priority mail or express mail via the USPS. Bulk items may be shipped via UPS ground, or USPS parcel post.

When you are ready to complete your order,  simply click the button from within your shopping cart. We will then email you an order total. If, for some reason, you do not receive an email within the day you checked out, email me at mcatalani@aol.com   You can also check your order totals by clicking on the link. If we have processed your checkout, then you will see the order in this section, and can even see your order totals and the amount to pay.

We currently accept paypal and money orders.  If you wish to pay by check or credit card, then you may do this through the paypal.com system.  If you don't currently have a paypal account, then it only takes a few moments to set one up. With your paypal account, you will simply make a payment to my email address: mcatalani@aol.com 

If you wish to pay by money order, then  please make it payable to MICHAEL CATALANI, do not make it payable to the CP Jungle.  Please include your name and order # on the payment. Please send the money order to the following address:

Michael Catalani
506 N. Country Way Dr.
Cordova  TN  38018


If you need for us to hold off shipping for any reason, just email me at info@cpjungle.com and let us know when you would like us to ship your order. 

You can add more plants to an existing order, up until we pull your plants for shipping. If you know you are going to want to add plants to an existing order, then email us and let us know so that we can change the ship date for that order and push it into the future. This will keep us from pulling your order. Adding plants to an existing order will usually save you on overall shipping costs versus shipping two orders, however, adding plants to an existing order may add some additional shipping cost to the order.

There are also times when adding plants to an order causes it to be cheaper to ship two separate boxes versus a single large box.  We attempt to figure this out when we process your order.

We normally ship every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday that the post office is open, and as long as there is not a USPS holiday between the time we ship and the time your plants should arrive. For instance, if the USPS has a holiday on a Monday, then we will not normally ship plants the previous Saturday, because the plants would be in transit thru a USPS holiday. The exception to this is weather delays. If the temperatures are too cold, or too hot, then we will hold off shipping until the weather clears. Please remember that even if it is warm in your area, it may be too cold here to ship. There are also the occasional USPS holidays we have to work around.  For instance, if a USPS holiday is on Monday, then we won't ship any plants the previous Saturday so that the plants won't be in transit during a holiday. Another exception to our normal shipping schedule is the arrival of imports. We ship out pre-order plants from the imports as soon as they arrive, which can see us ship plants any day of the week.

Once you checkout, you can track your order online. After logging in, click the tab on the sidebar of your screen.  This will give you a list of all of your orders you have ever placed with us. Click the    next to each order to see the plants and items on that order. You can see all of the payments which have been received for the order. Once an order is shipped, your tracking number will automatically display here. Also, each nepenthes and most other items in our inventory have a a unique "identification number". Your shipped order will contain the "pin" number for each ittem, which is also known as its "stock #." You can click on the stock number for each plant, and you will see specific details about the plant, such as Vendor information and arrival dates, clone numbers, or parent plant pin's if we propagated the plant in house, and some historical data.

We ship using USPS Priority Mail or express mail. We charge only the projected cost to ship the plants, plus the cost of a box if applicable. In 2007, the USPS changed over to a dimensional weight rating system.   If you are located in my zone 1-4, an order which ships in a box larger than 16"x16"x16"  is rated at 20 pounds.  If you are in my zones 5-8 and your order ships in a box larger than 12x12x12, then the rate is determined by multiplying the height, length, and width of the box together and divided by 194. This becomes the weight in which shipment is based upon. Again, these are the rates in place by the USPS, not by us. 

If your order fits into one of the priority mail boxes that we receive for free from the USPS, then we do not charge for the box.  For orders which ship in 1 cubic foot and larger boxes, we charge the actual price of the box. We use Uline boxes, because they are highly rated for strength. We used them for years the last time we were open, and we never once had a box failure in transit. Smaller boxes are about $1.50, and an 18"x18"x18" box is approximately $3.50. We use white boxes if they are available, since they help cut down on internal box heat during the summer.

The only other charge is $1.95 for signature confirmation.  This ensures someone signs for the shipment, which ensures that the box doesn't sit outside in the cold or extreme heat. During winter, we also add a Uni-Heat box heating pad in order to keep the box contents warmer during transit.  Both of these items may be removed, but they are required for the live plant guarantee.

Please note that the USPS can change their shipping fees at any time, such as the signature confirmation fees, and these fees will be reflected immediately on your order.  In other words, the amounts we show on this page may be out of date from time to time.

We currently do not charge a handling fee per order.

Our policy for shipping charges has seen the national average for shipping charges to be about 10% of the order total, and this includes the signature confirmation. We think you'll find that our shipping charges are about the best in the industry.  The percentage will vary, based primarily upon the size of the box and the shipping zone. Lower priced orders that have large plants shipping to a far-away zone will see a higher percentage of the order for shipping charges. Higher priced small plants that ship in a small box will see a very low percentage attributed to shipping.

As of Jan 1, 2009, we now insure every box we ship.  We only charge 1.5% of the item total of the order for insurance, which is far less than USPS charges. Even with the insurance costs, you will likely find that we continue to have the lowest and most realistic shipping charges in the industry, and charge much less for shipping than companies that do not ship with signature confirmation or insurance.

We guarantee live delivery of our plants.  If your plants arrive dead, please contact us within 24 hours at info@CPJungle.com . We will issue a credit for the plant price or give you a replacement plant on your next order.

In order to qualify for the live plant guarantee, you must use the signature confirmation option. This means that someone must be present to sign for the box. But this also means that a box won't be left out in the cold or in the hot sun for long periods of time while no one is home, which is the likely cause of a plant's demise in transit. You can opt out of the signature confirmation, but it is required for the live plant guarantee.

Also, from November thru March, orders which contain tropical plants (ie Nepenthes) will have a UniHeat box warmer included for $2.  Although the UniHeat is optional, you must have one included for the live plant guarantee.


When sizing Nepenthes, I use the longest leaf on the plant (from stem to leaf tip, not counting the tendril) and multiply that length by 2 to get the diameter.  

N1:  Less than 3" in diameter
N2:  3" - 6" diameter
N3:  6" - 12" diameter
N4:  12" - 18" diameter
N5:  18"  - 24" diameter
N6:  24"  - 30" diameter
N7:  30" - 36" diameter

R1:  Rooted Cutting Just Sprouting a New Growth Point
R2:  Rooted Cutting 3" - 6" diameter
R3:  Rooted Cutting 6" - 12" diameter
R4: Rooted Cutting 12" - 18" diameter
R5: Rooted Cutting 18" - 24" diameter
R6: Rooted Cutting 24" - 30" diameter
R7: Rooted Cutting 30" - 36" diameter

I also periodically create new sizes to handle certain situations.  For instance, RC stands for "rooted cutting unsized".  This sizing is used for imported preorder plants n which we do not know the size of the plant before it arrives.  Also, we create sizes like NL and NS, which handles Exotica Plants imported "large" and "small" sized plants.



Sarracenia grow either upright, or in rosettes / semi-rosettes based upon species or hybrid make-up of the plant.  For upright plants, The tallest leaf is used for the size. For rosette / semi-rosette plants, the largest leaf is used, then multiplied by two to get the plant diameter.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT SARRACENIA ARE TEMPERATE PLANTS, AND THE PLANTS MAY NOT BE AT THEIR LARGEST SIZE WHEN YOU ORDER THEM.  During late fall to early spring, the plants may be shipped as dormant rhizomes, or rhizomes which are starting to break dormancy.  Some species produce their best pitchers early in the season, such as March thru May, and by mid to late summer, the pitchers may have begun to die down.   Mature plants of S. leucophylla produces its best pitchers in the fall. THE POSTED SIZE OF THE PLANT REPRESENTS THE SIZE THE PLANT HAS REACHED AT SOME POINT, BUT MAY NOT CURRENTLY BE AT.   This size may have been recorded during the previous growing season. It is important to understand that the posted size is the size the plant has attained at some point during its growing cycle, but may not currently be at.

U1:  immature upright pitchers
U2:  mature upright pitchers less than 6"
U3:  mature upright pitchers 6" - 12"
U4:  mature upright pitchers 12"-18" tall
sizes continue in increments of 6"

T1:  Rosette with immature pitchers
T2:  Rosette with mature pitchers < 6" in diameter
T3:  Rosette with mature pitchers 6"-12" in diameter
sizes continue in increments of 6"



VFT's grow as a rosette or semi-rosette.   IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT FLYTRAPS ARE TEMPERATE PLANTS, AND THE PLANTS MAY NOT BE AT THEIR LARGEST SIZE WHEN YOU ORDER THEM.  The plants are at their largest size in late spring-early summer, right after flowering. They naturally grow smaller during late summer through early spring.  THE POSTED SIZE OF THE PLANT REPRESENTS THE SIZE THE PLANT HAS REACHED AT SOME POINT DURING ITS GROWING CYCLE, BUT MAY NOT CURRENTLY BE AT.   This size may have been recorded during the previous growing season. The largest leaf is used, then multiplied by two to get the plant diameter. It is important to understand that the posted size is the size the plant has attained at some point during its growing cycle, but may not currently be at.

V1: < 2" diameter
V2: 2"-4" diameter
V3 > 4" diameter

Some flytraps will be sold based upon age.  The age of the plant (in years) will be posted in its size. These are plants which have been grown from seed, and therefore the age of the plants are known. Flytraps produce larger traps and more flowers the older it gets.

VA Germinated in 1997
VB Germinated in 1998
VC Germinated in 1999
VD Germinated in 2000
VE Germinated in 2001
VF Germinated in 2002
VG Germinated in 2003
VH Germinated in 2004
VI Germinated in 2005
VJ Germinated in 2006
VK Germinated in 2007


Sizes can continue in 1 year increments

We have made a lot of effort to ensure that there are no errors, but we can not be held responsible for errors if they exist. If you see any errors, please email me. If I find a pricing error after you order a plant, I will let you know.