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Comparison Of N. Burkei &N. Ventricosa

There has been much confusion over these two species for a lng time, mainly because plants in cultivation were mis-named for a very long time.  The biggest difference between N. ventricosa and N. burkei is that N. ventricosa has a very contricted midsection. The top of the pitcher slants into this constriction.  In N. burkei, there really is no constriction.  The pitchers are cylindrical for about the top third, and then extremely bulbous in the bottom part of the pitcher.


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burkei leaf           ventricosa leaf

The leaf of N. burkei is more narrow and angles in toward the tip. N. ventricosa has wider leaves (although just slightly) and is more rounded toward the leaf tip.


nvb03.jpg (83442 bytes) This is an unopened pitcher of N. ventricosa which came from a source in Japan. The pitcher color resembles the description of N. ventricosa in Jebb & Cheeks Skeletal Revision Of Nepenthes.

nvb06.jpg (87658 bytes) N. ventricosa pitcher. Notice the complete lack of any "wings" in the mature upper pitchers. The pitcher is rather strongly constricted in the middle.

nvb07.jpg (121400 bytes) N. burkei pitcher.