With great excitement,  Kristi and I would like to announce that the CP Jungle will soon re-open for business. This is something we have both looked forward to ever since we closed down the nursery back in 2002.  We are busy finishing up construction of our additional growing systems, which will give us 2 new growing areas for lowlanders, 2 new intermediate areas, 2 new highland areas, plus one ultra-highland growing area. These new growing chambers will compliment our 24'x45' Jaderloon greenhouse. We will have enough growing area for about 6000 Nepenthes plants, plus a large amount of space for other carnivorous plants. This will enable us to greatly expand our CP listings.

Our new web server has been scheduled to arrive in Mid-September.  We will spend a few weeks moving the website over to the new server. We will then begin to implement some of the software changes that are listed below, including allowing you to set up your account. With your account setup, you can opt to have us send you email notifications whenever we have major updates.

We plan to formally open later this year.  Just like when we were open for business before, you can expect the highest quality plants available. We don't simply import plants for resale. We have a growing system that is capable of growing each species properly. We have over 30 years of experience growing carnivorous plants.

And just like before, we will likely have the best prices around. This is because we purchase in very high volumes, and we pass the savings on to you. 

We will also be offering larger sized Nepenthes. This is because we have the space to grow these plants for an extended period of time, giving them the time necessary to grow to a larger size. You'll have the option of purchasing smaller Nepenthes plants for very low prices, or larger plants as well.  We also look forward to offering nearly every known species of Nepenthes.

We look forward to working with you all again.  I'll keep everyone updated with our progress.


Michael and Kristi Catalani


Update August 1, 2007

Ok, after years of putting it off, I have finally ordered a server in which to host the CP Jungle website locally.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but it's about to happen.  

There's several things that will be really nice about this. The first is the mailing list.  For those who have signed up for our mailing list, you may have noticed that you haven't received any newsletters from us.  This is because when I ran some tests on my current hosting services mailing list, I found several problems that were annoying to me, and therefore would probably be annoying to you. So I decided to hold off sending out any emails until I get the new server up and running.

Also, you'll be able to set up a CP Jungle customized account. This will allow you to customize your interface with our web site. Some of the benefits the account system will have are:

Currently, every plant at the CP Jungle has been cataloged with its own ID number.  When you receive a plant from the CP Jungle in the future, the plant tag will contain our ID number.  You will be able to access our online ID system, and with the ID number you will be able to tell:

Some of the things the new email system will allow you to do is to setup email notifications for:

The new website will eventually allow me to add a lot of new content and photos without having to change the actual website. I'll be able to place a photo in my database, and the website will automatically pick it up and display it with comments on all pages I want it to.  The system will also be able to auto-create and display thumbnails, as well as automatically display high resolution images from a separate link. But the beauty is that it will be automatically done by my server, and I wont have to spend the time setting up each photo. It will also give a unified presentation, making the information easier to navigate. 


I have scanned pictures from our trips to see S. flava rubricorpa and S. alabamensis from back in 2002. I have a lot more updates that I have been working on that will soon be posted.   Here are the photos of S. flava rubricorpora.

I am in the process of starting back up my Dionaea and Sarracenia breeding programs.  I did this back in the '80s and '90s, and it was a lot of fun. This time, I am armed with a powerful AS/400 computer database that can track each plant and cross.  Every plant at the CP Jungle now has an identification number. With this number, I can tell from what plant a cutting was taken, or from which parents were crossed to make a certain seed batch.  I know from whom every plant originated from. So at some point in the future if a couple of plants made some wicked crosses, I'll know which parents to try again or to try with other combinations.