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CP Jungle Links

(Field Trip photos of 5 locations in South Alabama and Western Florida)

  (All things Nepenthes, including history and cultivation requirements for most species.)

Conservation Page (Info and photos of some of the rare species of CP)

Poaching  (My thoughts on the illegal removal of wild plants)

Perdido Pitcher Plant Prairie (Photos of the Tarkiln Bayou State Park)

Nursery Pictures (Random photos of plants in cultivation)

Field Trip March 2001 (Field Trip Photos)

Field Trip July 2001 A (Field Trip Photos)

Field Trip July 2001 B (Field Trip Photos)     


Other Carnivorous Plant Related Links

International Carnivorous Plant Society

ICPS Forum Discussion Board  

Ryan Hellyers  Flytrap Website     (Ryan has some really cool videos on this site)

Nepenthes Around The House  (Joel has some really nice pictures, and plants that are rather rare in cultivation.)

MeadowView Biological Research Station    (Has great information and history on Sarracenias. They also have the permits to sell S. oreophila, S. jonesii, and S. alabamensis)

Borneo Exotics