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During the week of June 12, 2005, I was able to visit 4 CP locations in Baldwin County, and one location in western Florida. Kristi and I are trying to plan another trip in a few weeks. In particular, I want to spend more time at the northern Baldwin County Bog. I had planned to spend a good part of a day there, but was unable to make it back due to time constraints.

Below are the links to the individual locations I was able to make it to. Each link will have navigation buttons on the bottom to move to the NEXT photo, the PREVIOUS photo, as well as back to this page. A note on the photos themselves. They generally get better the later in the week they were taken. Early in the week, the winds were extremely heavy. Because I had to rely upon a telephoto lens for a lot of shots, it was sometimes very difficult to get a nice unencumbered shot of a pitcher or other plant due to the plant moving wildly in the wind, or grasses blowing in front of the plants. We also left a few pieces of important photographic equipment at home by mistake, including the tripod, polarizing lens, and the reflector disc.  Oh well, that stuff happens when you throw a trip together at the very last minute.

By the way, one place I went to was closed. The Tarkiln Bayou State Park was closed as it appears they are laying a boardwalk from the entrance back to the existing boardwalk. I did get a heads up that this was going to occur from their website, but it was close enough that I decided to check it out for myself. I was able to explore some of this area, and the adjacent area around the Jones bog, but did not get out to take pictures.

Bog Links (Click The Photos Or The Links To See All Of The Photos For Each Site)

          1. Northern Baldwin County, AL - June 12th, 2005

          2. Weeks Bay / Western Baldwin County, AL - June 14th, 2005

          3. Roscoe Bog / Southern Baldwin County, AL - June 16th, 2005

         4. Western Florida Panhandle - June 15, 2005

          5. Eastern Baldwin County, AL - June 15, 2005

















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